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Scientific eye protection, from now on!
# Forced reminders to rest
# Multiple colorblind weakness test method based on "Color blind detection fifth edition"
#Overview of more common eye diseases, causes, symptoms, prevention, treatment
# Driver, student, parent, office elite
Detailed function introduction:
1. Rest reminder:
Built-in health care reminder, lunch break reminder, sleep reminder; support a variety of ringtones such as health exercises, plants, birdsong, marshmallows, 3D, etc., and support the addition, modification, deletion, one-click recovery.
2. Eye exercises
Built in 2008 national new version of the standard eye exercises video, "protecting vision for the revolution", nostalgic version of eye exercises, teach you to do a new version of health exercises, follow the sound prompts and imitate the screen action.
3. Color blind test
Based on Yu Ziping's "Color Blindness Test Chart Fifth Edition" based on a variety of color blindness test methods, support color blind fast test, adult test, children test, rigorous test, acquired test, comprehensive test and other test methods;
Built-in color blind test legends for more than 60 applications;
Use probabilistic statistical analysis to generate test reports, automatically give test scores; and share test reports at any time.

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√ 强制提醒休息
√ 以《色盲检测图第五版》为基础的多种色盲色弱测试方法
√ 国家新版视力表
√ 十余种常见眼疾的概述、病因、症状、预防、治疗
√ 动画演示2008年国家最新版眼保健操
√ "为革命保护视力",怀旧版眼保健操
√ 驾驶员、学生、家长、办公室精英之必备
1. 休息提醒:
2. 眼保健操
3. 常见眼疾
4. 色盲测试
5. 视力测试

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