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*** NEW ***More than just Widget monitoring your iPhone and iPad!!! ***
Still thinking about why the phone is so hot,IS the CPU utilization too high? Why the data traffic consumed so quickly? Background processes too much? How much is left of my Storage?
The app monitors CPU, MEMORY(RAM), Storage(ROM), Real-time network speed and the other device information. And it can be placed in 'Today' as a widget.
Click the widget to get more functions and detailed information about your device. Including:
√ Monitor Tester
# Detect problems such as dead pixels, bright pixels, screen uniform color temperature, and light leakage.
√, Network
# WiFi, DNS, SSID, internal and public network IP address, real-time network speed, Ping test and many other functions.
√. Storage(ROM)
# Visualization of disk space status and usage.

√. CPU
# One or more CPU usage updated in real time
√. Memory (RAM)
# Easy understanding of device memory status.
# Visualization of Used, Active, Inactive, Free.
√. Basic Info:
#Device Name ,Device Model, IOS version, Screen resolution, Memory, Storage, Battery , OpenGL etc.

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# 检测坏点、亮点、阴阳屏、漏光等问题。
# WiFi信息,DNS,SSID,内外网IP,实时网速,Ping测试等众多功能。
# 图像化的界面展示出存储的空闲、已用等信息。
# 图形化展示出你设备的一个或者多个CPU的运行状态
# 图形化的展示出空闲、已用、活动、非活动等内存实时状况。

# 包括设备名称、设备型号、IOS版本、屏幕分辨率、内存、磁盘、电池、OpenGL等的基本信息。

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